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La Confrérie des Compagnons Goustevin de Normandie
Ewen Weatherspoon Photographer, Inverness,
Picture by: Ewen Weatherspoon Photographer, Inverness,

Goustevin ~ 13th Grand Chapitre ~ May 2024

Goustevin Scotland recently held its 13th Grand Chapitre in the Great Hall of Inverness Town House. City Provost Glynis Sinclair-Campbell welcomed some 80 assembled members and guests before Connetable Nicol Manson formally opened the Chapitre, welcoming 26 visiting Confrerie members from France, Germany and United States.

A full account of this unique event, the gala dinner and two day visitors' tour can be read here.

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Spring into Summer Tasting at Inverness Botanic Gardens

Wines of the Southern Rhône Valley

Given the range of tastings Goustevin Scotland have enjoyed over the years, it came as a surprise to find that we had last visited the South of France in 1986. A return visit was therefore long overdue, so the Southern Rhône valley was selected to accompany dinner at the Loch Ness Country House Hotel.

You can read Ormond's report here.

Rouen, Normandy, awarded UNESCO City of Gastronomy Status

Rouen, Normandy’s principal city, has been named ‘UNESCO City of Gastronomy’.
It is the first city in France to be recognised for its creativity in the field of gastronomy. Alongside 48 other cities around the world, in November 2021, Rouen was awarded for its outstanding gastronomy as well as creativity and progress in sustainable urban development.

Click here for the full story.

Inverness Wine Appreciation Society celebrates 50 Years Anniversary

GOUSTEVIN Scotland members were well represented at the 50th Birthday Banquet Top Table of Inverness Wine Appreciation Society.

In the photo (L-R): Jean Slater, Duncan Chisholm, Christina Cameron, Ormond Smith and Caroline Duncan with guest speaker Philippe Larue. There were other Goustevin Scotland members also present; many are members of both societies.


Sadly, our Connetable Nicol Manson (who founded IWAS in 1970) was unable to be present in person, however, Coul House Hotel kindly organised a Google-Meet online streaming and Nicol was able to address the 50+ guests on the founding of the society and the social and drinking habits that influenced the wine market of the time.

There then followed an excellent meal with accompanying fine wines at each course. IWAS President Christina Cameron (our Maitre de Palais) and IWAS Past Presidents Duncan Chisholm and Ormond Smith (both Conseil Magistral members) cut a suitably decorated Birthday cake.

Rouen Grand Chapitre ~ Celebrating 55 Years ~ 22 October 2022

A Grand Chapitre will be held in Rouen in October of 2022 to celebrate the 55th Anniversary of the formation of the Confrérie des Compagnons Goustevin de Normandie.

More information can be found on our Coming Soon Page


Casino de Bonsecours

Rouen, Normandy, France

Saturday 22 October 2022

Goustevin Scotland Livre d'Or

When the Goustevin, or as it was known in those days, the “Confrerie des Compagnons Haut-Normands du Goustevin”, was instigated, each Chapitre was marked by the creation of Livre d’Or, a page which listed all new inductees and those who gained promotion. This continued for many years, each page being laboriously hand drawn in absolutely magnificent calligraphy by Denise Goulon. Sadly, this practice is no longer done and the Conseil in Scotland have decided to create a Scottish Livre d’Or, recording Scottish members from 1973 to the present day. Why not have a browse, find your own entries and cast your memories back to the occasion?

Click on the red book cover to open the full Scottish Edition.

You can also view examples of two pages from the original Livre to see the original calligraphy work.

Livre d'Or


German Embassy Elects New Connetable

Urban Lamberty was recently elected the new Connetable of the Zeltingen-Rachtig-Mosel Embassy in Germany.

The picture shows Urban with Grand Connetable Joel Laurent who welcomed him in his new capacity to the chapitre in Rouen in November last year. Goustevin Scotland has offered Urban its congratulations and continued support.

Urban Lamberty

New Members Inducted.
A warm welcome to Garry Macleod, Peter MacPhee, Graham Vine, Karen Jarvis and Sally Sharpe – all inducted as new members of Goustevin Scotland, prior to the entertaining Right Reverend Susan Brown (Moderator) who was inducted Noble Dame d’Honneur at our Grand Chapter in May.

12th International Grand Chapter of Goustevin Scotland

Rt Rev. Susan Brown

Photo by Ewan Weatherspoon, Inverness

The 12th International Grand Chapter of Goustevin Scotland took place in Inverness on Friday 3 May 2019 followed by a superb Celebration Banquet in the Macdonald Drumossie Hotel.

The picture shows the Rt Honourable, Rev. Susan Brown, Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland being inducted as Noble Dame d'Honneur.

A full account of the Grand Chapitre and Banquet can be found on our Chapters & Reports Page

Frost Protection Fires at Puligny Montrachet !
This image shows hundreds of small fires alight at Puligny Montrachet. The fires are set to protect the vines against the possibility of a late frost. With thanks to Jean Louis Bernuy who sent us the photograph.
Frost Protection

Goustevin Mosel 10th Anniversary ~ November 2018

A sizeable delegation attended the celebrations held in Zeltingen-Rachtig, a small township on the very picturesque River Mosel to celebrate the inauguration of the Goustevin’s German Embassy.

A full report of this visit can be found in the Chapters & Reports Page.

50th Anniversary Celebration ~ Rouen ~ November 2017

Kirking of the Council ~ Inverness ~ 10 September 2017

The Conseil Magistrale d'Ecosse was invited to attend the parade and service for the ceremony known as The Kirking of the Council in Inverness on Sunday 10 September 2017. The Kirking of the Council is a tradition which happens in many Scottish towns and cities and in Inverness its origins can be traced back 400 years. Three of our own council members took part in full ceremonial robe, in what is both an honour and recognition for Goustevin Scotland.

40th Anniversary Gala Dinner

Creation of Embassy
1977 ~ 1986
1987 ~ 1996
1997 ~ 2006
2007 ~ 2016

Some other photographs from the evening can be viewed here.

Inverness Embassy of the Confrérie des Compagnons Goustevin de Normandie

The Scottish Confrérie, known as Goustevin Scotland, is now over 40 years old and has 120 members with new members being inducted at regular intervals. It is an extension of the original Confrérie founded by French wine merchants in Normandy in 1967.

The Confrérie aims:



Many congratulations to a couple of our hotelier/ restaurateur members who have recently won major awards and recognition for their businesses.

Obituary Michel Goulon

It is with great sadness we announce the unexpected death of Michel Goulon, Grand Connetable 1987 - 2008, who sadly passed away on 3 June 2020.



BBC Interviews Goustevin Scotland Members


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