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La Confrérie des Compagnons Goustevin de Normandie

12th International Grand Chapter of Goustevin Scotland


The 12th International Grand Chapter of Goustevin Scotland will take place in the renovated Town House, Inverness starting at 6.00pm on Friday 3 May 2019 followed thereafter by a superb Celebration Banquet in Macdonald Drumossie Hotel.

Full Details and Application Form for Tickets Here

Wine & Riedel Glass “Master Class” ~ February 2019

On Friday 22nd February, some 40 members and guests assembled at The Storehouse at Foulis Ferry, just north of Inverness, for the first Tasting of 2019: a “Wine & Riedel Glass Master Class”, hosted by Quintin and Michelle Stevens, owners of The Storehouse.

Click Here to read the full report of this innovative event.

Goustevin Mosel 10th Anniversary ~ November 2018

A sizeable delegation attended the celebrations held in Zeltingen-Rachtig, a small township on the very picturesque River Mosel to celebrate the inauguration of the Goustevin’s German Embassy.

A full report of this visit can be found in the Chapters & Reports Page.

50th Anniversary Celebration ~ Rouen ~ November 2017

Kirking of the Council ~ Inverness ~ 10 September 2017

The Conseil Magistrale d'Ecosse was invited to attend the parade and service for the ceremony known as The Kirking of the Council in Inverness on Sunday 10 September 2017. The Kirking of the Council is a tradition which happens in many Scottish towns and cities and in Inverness its origins can be traced back 400 years. Three of our own council members took part in full ceremonial robe, in what is both an honour and recognition for Goustevin Scotland.

40th Anniversary Gala Dinner

Creation of Embassy
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1987 ~ 1996
1997 ~ 2006
2007 ~ 2016

Some other photographs from the evening can be viewed here.

Inverness Embassy of the Confrérie des Compagnons Goustevin de Normandie

The Scottish Confrérie, known as Goustevin Scotland, is now over 40 years old and has 120 members with new members being inducted at regular intervals. It is an extension of the original Confrérie founded by French wine merchants in Normandy in 1967.

The Confrérie aims:



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